IndyITguy Indianapolis, IN small business computer supportDon’t you hate it when the IT person for your company makes this pop up on your screen?  I mean, why do I keep having to change my password?  It’s not like I have access to anything important.  I’ll just increase the ending number each time so it’s easy for me to remember what it is; Fido01, Fido02, Fido03.

How many of you follow that password schedule not just for your work computer but all of your personal accounts (email, banking, sports sites, etc…?  For the record, Fido01, your child’s name with birthday, your anniversary, or your nickname are not secure passwords at all.  Yea it’s easy for you to remember your password, but it’s also very easy for a hacker to guess your password using a simple piece of software.

So how can you make a secure password without having to remember something like 4ifkTo49905!#32?  The easiest way is it use a password generator like Norton’s secure password generator:  Change the character count to 15 and add the special punctuation option and voila!  But now how are you supposed to remember that password?  There are plenty of creditable password vaults out there to help you with that. did a nice piece for the best password managers of 2015 if you care to read about them.  Essentially they all do the same thing, they store your password using a very high encryption algorithm that only you have access to.

Another way to create secure passwords is to use the sentence method.  Take any phrase with 9 words in it, I am between a rock and a hard place.

Keep just the first letter for each word, I a b a r a a h p. 

Capitalize some of the letters, lAbaRaahP.

Finally, replace some of the letters with numbers and special characters, 1A6@Ra@hP.

Now all you have to do is remember that phrase when you are typing your password.