Computer getting hot or loud

Loud and hot computer system Indianapolis, Indiana IndyITguyAirflow is a very important aspect of any computer out there today.  A clogged or blocked air vent can play havoc on your computer.  Does your desktop or laptop feel like you could cook bacon (mmmmm…  bacon…) on it?  Does your desktop or laptop sound like it’s about to take off down the runway and head to the Bahamas?  An overheating or loud computer system is a sure sign that the airflow on that system is being restricted in some way.  Restrictions can be a few different things.  The vents could be clogged or blocked on the computer or the fan that is designed to pull the heat out of your computer has gone bad. When your system gets hot there is a fail safe sensor that will shut the system down before any damage can be done, that is why your computer shuts down at what seems like random times.

Symptoms of an airflow problem;

System randomly shuts down, system is ridiculously hot, system sounds like an aircraft about to take off.


The vents on a laptop are typically on the side towards the back edge.  One of the most common blockages I’ve seen is when you’re sitting on the couch or in bed with the laptop on your lap. Check to make sure the blanket or your pj’s aren’t blocking that vent. If it is just get a book something with a hard surface to sit your laptop on so that the vents do not get blocked. Check the vent for any dust build up. It is perfectly fine to use a shopvac to clean the vent out, just be sure to shut your computer down when you do it. You should feel some air (might be hot, please be careful) coming out of the vent.  If you do not feel any air at all it is a good chance that your CPU fan has gone back and it’s not pulling the heat away from the system anymore. This repair will need to be done by a trained technician as it consists of taking your laptop completely apart to replace that fan/heat sink.


Their are two main types on your desktop computer and both are very easy to spot. If you don’t have a custom built system the vents should be on the back where you plug everything in. There will be a vent for the power supply and a vent for the motherboard. The vent for the power supply is going to be right next to where you plug the power cable into. The vent for the mother board is usually right in the middle of the back of the computer. Check that both of these vents are not clogged up with anything and that your computer is not sitting directly against the wall. If you have pets it’s very common that these vents get clogged up with dog hair. The fan on your power supply should never go bad without the power supply going bad. If you don’t feel any air flow coming out of the vent for the mother board it’s a good chance that your fan has gone bad. Some computers will have a fan directly mounted on the vent with another fan mounted directly on top of your CPU. Either one of these going out will cause your system to shutdown or overheat. If your system is experiencing any of these issues feel free to drop me a line and we’ll get you up and running soon.