Computer bacup IndyITguy Indianapolis, IndianaThis is going to be a short post today… It happens all too much that someone brings me their computer for repair only to find out their hard drive has failed or there has been a major software crash and the system needs to be rebuilt. My first question in this situation is, do you have a backup saved anywhere? Some of the people do have a backup on an external source, some of the people have a backup that was on the system that has failed, and most of the people don’t have a backup. Not only is it very important to keep a backup regularly, it’s even more important to store those backups on an external source other than the hard drive that is in the computer. Personally I use two external hard drives, a 2TB drive and a 1TB drive. I paid maybe $60 for the 1TB drive and $100 for the 2TB drive online. There are different types of backups available for a paid service or even free. Most computers come with a backup utility built in that you can utilize with an external hard drive. You simply setup the backup schedule, let it run, and verify the backups completed. Some utilities will offer a notification setting so you get an email or text when the backup has completed. I use the built in Backup and Restore utility on my system, I’m cheap and don’t want to pay for an online backup service plus I’ve never been to keen on storing my files on a piece of hardware I didn’t own. I have a full backup that runs every Friday night, then a differential backup that runs every Saturday through Thursday night all going to my 1TB drive. I can save about 3 weeks of backups like this then the system starts to overwrite the older backups. Then I have my 2TB drive making a complete copy of my 1TB drive every morning always keeping two different copies overwriting the oldest each time. Now my setup is a little overboard but I hate losing my pictures, videos, and documents.